On a hot summer’s day, my brother walks through a vast field with corn standing taller than he. At a specific spot, he tears off an ear of corn and starts counting the kernels he finds. From samples he pulls, he will then calculate the potential yield for his crop.

My father, brother, and nephews possess much knowledge to grow soybeans, wheat, and corn. They work long hours to grow the best crop they can. The work cannot be done alone. During each step of the growing process, my family is watching, assessing, calculating, praying, and determining what the next step will be. They have years of experience to draw from, as well as dozens of experts they know in agriculture to help guide their decisions.

Some vital aspects of farming are out of their control, like temperatures, rainfall, and wind. My brother has watched the weather forecast in angst over the lack or abundance of rain, whatever the case may be. On the other hand, when insects or weeds pose a threat, a swift response can be taken. Everything is aimed at getting the best possible result.

While my brother has been toiling in the fields this year, my household has continued our own labor at home. During the COVID-19 restrictions, I spent 5 months at home with my family. My work hours were reduced and completed from home. The caregiving of our two children was shared by my husband and I with barely a break.

There were times during home isolation that felt like a sneak peek into our future. One day, my 14-year-old daughter with a developmental disability will be too old for school. Our family routine, responsibilities, and schedule will drastically change. We all know this day will come, and we are taking steps to help our daughter become as independent as she can be.

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Source: Special Needs Parenting- Key Ministry