Habits are routine behaviors that we tend to do a lot. They’re things that are on repeat in our lives. Habits are things we do EVERY DAY. And our good habits? Well, they have a way of making our lives better!
Spiritual habits are things we do every day to help us grow in our faith. They’re things that, when we do them, they help us know God better. Spiritual habits help us have an everyday kind of faith.
Spiritual habits series are designed to inspire students to know God better and empower them with multiple, tangible tools to and live their faith on their own in practical ways. (Including but not limited to spiritual disciplines, prayer, reading the Bible, worship through music, etc.)

Ever met someone and think, “This person is great! I want to get to know them better.” That’s how some of the best friendships and relationships can start. Well the coolest person we could ever get to know is the One who created us and the world – God. And He created us not to just know facts about Him, but to have a relationship with Him. The goal of this series is to help middle schoolers better know and connect with God by developing some spiritual habits that bring their relationship with God the center of an everyday kind of faith.

Week 4: January 30