Families, this week we encourage you to use the discussion questions and GodTime pages below to continue the conversation at home throughout the week.

Please email us at specialneeds.staff@gethope.net if we can assist in other ways.


Monthly Virtue: Knowledge—Learning something new so you can be better at whatever you do. 

Bible Story: Help Me (John the Baptist in Prison) • Matthew 11:1-6 (James 1:5) 

Bottom Line: If you don’t understand something, ask. 

Basic Truth: I am loved by God no matter what so I can trust God to guide me.

Memory Verse: The Lord gives wisdom. Knowledge and understanding come from his mouth. Proverbs 2:6 (NIrV) 

  • Askthe following questionsand lead the group to discuss: 
    • John knew about Jesus, yet he still had questions about Jesus. Just like John, we are always learning and growing, and thinking about Jesus in new ways. Imagine you are sitting with Jesus. What questions would you ask Him?  
    • Since Jesus isn’t sitting here with us, who can you ask your questions to?  
    • Some questions have answers we can find out, and some don’t. What do we do when we have a question that doesn’t have an easy answer or can’t be answered until we’re with God in heaven? (This is an opportunity to assure kids that some questions simply can’t be answered right now but it is important to keep asking questions, to keep searching for knowledge. Oftentimes, we learn more on the journey of asking questions than we do having answers themselves.) 
    • What do you know is true about God? How can knowing these truths help you when you have questions that are hard to answer? 


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We encourage you to take some time to pray together as a family.