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Special Needs Ministry Modified Elementary Curriculum:


Monthly Virtue: Humility—Putting others first by giving up what you think you deserve.

Memory Verse: Don’t do anything only to get ahead. Don’t do it because you are proud. Instead, be humble. Value others more than yourselves. Philippians 2:3 (NIrV)

Week 1: April 2

Bible Story: Washed by the Water (Palm Sunday/Jesus Washes His Disciples’ Feet) • John 12:9-16; 13:1-17 (Matthew 21:1-11) 

Bottom Line: Jesus put others first. 

Basic Truth: I am made for a purpose so I can tell people about God.

Askthe following questionsand lead the group to discuss: 

  • How have you put someone first recently?  
  • We naturally tend to think of ourselves first. What can we do to get in the habit of thinking outside of ourselves and seeing where we can put others first?  
  • Why do you think some people are easier to put first than others?  
  • Why do you think it’s so hard to put others first? 

Week 2: April 9 (Easter)

Bible Story: Rise Again (Crucified and Risen) • John 18:12–20:23 (John 16; Matthew 26) 

Bottom Line: Celebrate because Jesus is alive. 

Basic Truth: I am loved by God no matter what so I can belong in God’s family forever.

Shine Your Light (Easter)(1)

Week 3: April 16

Bible Story: Brother (Being Humble Like Jesus) • Philippians 2:3-8 

Bottom Line: Put others first because Jesus put you first. 

Basic Truth: I am made for a purpose so I can tell people about God.

Askthe following questions and lead the group to discuss:    

  • What does it look like to “put others first” in your family? How about at school?  
  • What do we see in the world around us that tells us WE are number one and that we must think of ourselves first?  
  • What are some reasons we would choose to put others first?  
  • Is it possible to put others first for the wrong motives? What would those motives be and what makes them wrong? 

Week 4: April 23

Bible Story: Stand by Me (On the Road to Emmaus) • Luke 24:13-35 

Bottom Line: Put others first by helping them understand. 

Basic Truth: I am made for a purpose so I can tell people about God.

Askthe following questionsand lead the group to discuss: 

  • When it comes to knowing Jesus, what would you say are the most important things to understand?  
  • What would you like to understand better about God? Who can you go to for help? 
  • If someone asks you for help to understand something, when is it hard for you to do that with a good attitude? What makes the difference between it being hard or easy? 

Week 5: April 30

Bible Story: Mercy’s Shore (Jesus Restores Peter) • John 21:1-19 (John 18:1-27)

Bottom Line: Put others first by making things right.

Basic Truth: I should treat others the way I want to be treated.

What you Say: “So, what does it look like to [Bottom Line] put others first by making things right? You can be humble by cheering on your teammates and having a good attitude while sitting on the bench during a soccer game, even though you deserve to be playing in the game. You can make things right by not being proud and admitting when you’re wrong or treating others kindly when they admit they are wrong. When it’s hard to be humble—to put others first—reciting Philippians 2:3 can help remind you to focus on what’s important. When we’re humble and value others, we let others know they matter!”

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