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Online Experience Video

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For parents

Special Needs Ministry Modified Elementary Curriculum:


Monthly Virtue: Creativity—Using your imagination to do something new

Memory Verse: We are God’s creation. He created us to belong to Christ Jesus. Now we can do good works. Long ago God prepared these works for us to do. Ephesians 2:10 (NIrV) 

Week 1: August 6

Bible Story: Unwritten (Creation) • Genesis 1–2:3

Key Question: How are you creative? 

Bottom Line: God created you so you can be creative. 

Basic Truth: I am made by God to reflect His Image (act like Him) 

Askthe following questions and lead the group to discuss:    

  • What would you say is the best part about being creative?  
  • How might the world be different if God had not created us with the ability to imagine? 
  • God made each of us a unique creation with different skills and experiences. While we are all very different, what are some ways everyone is the same? 
  • In what ways can you use your creativity by helping others know God? How would that make your own life better and more interesting too? 

Week 2: August 13

Bible Story: Do Something (We Are God’s Creation) • Ephesians 2:10

Key Question: What are you good at? 

Bottom Line: God created you for a purpose. 

Basic Truth: I am made for a purpose so I have value. 

Askthe following questions and lead the group to discuss:    

  • Is it possible for people to miss the purpose God has for them? Explain. 
  • Is there one specific purpose God has that is the same for EVERYONE? If so, what is it? 
  • How do you think our purpose might change as you get older? 
  • Does believing that God created you on purpose and for a purpose make a difference in the way you live? Why or why not? If it does, in what ways? 
  • If the only verse you knew was Ephesians 2:10, what would you know about God based on that single verse? What would you know about people in general? What would you know about yourself? 

Week 3: August 20

Bible Story: Change the World (Joseph and the Plan to Save Egypt) • Genesis 40–41

Key Question: How have you seen someone solve a problem? 

Bottom Line: You can use what God gave you to solve problems. 

Basic Truth: I am made for a purpose so the Holy Spirit will help me do big things now. 

Askthe following questions and lead the group to discuss:    

  • What are some BIG problems that seem impossible to solve?
  • What’s the response when kids your age come up with BIG ideas or solutions? How do people react, and what do they say? What do you wish would happen? 
  • Have you or any of your friends come up with a BIG idea that would help someone else in need—especially in another part of the world? What can you do and who else could help? (Come up with some action steps as a group). 
  • What are some of the things you’re good at or that you enjoy, that you could use to help solve problems around you? 

Week 4: August 27

Bible Story: Pure Imagination (The Tabernacle) • Exodus 25:8-9; 28:1, 3; 31:1-11, 35:21, 25, 34; 39:42-43
Key Question: What are creative ways to honor God? 

Bottom Line: Use your imagination to honor God. 

Basic Truth: I am made by God to worship Him. 

Askthe following questions and lead the group to discuss:    

  • What do you think most people use their imaginations for? For good or for something else? Give me some examples: use imaginations to come up with phone apps, or play video games, or house plans, etc. 
  • What stops or gets in the way of kids and adults using their imaginations for good? (Laziness, wanting the easy way out, scared or not paying attention, not wanting to take on something so big, don’t know how to.) 
  • How can you honor God in creative, outside-the-box ways? 

Salvation Conversation Guide

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Pre-teen Devotional

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