This is for the family whose life is not as they expected it would be. It’s for the family:

  • who may seem normal from the outside, but on the inside is hurting, lonely, exhausted, confused, stressed, and unsure of the future.
  • who lives on eggshells in their home, trying their best to parent a child who constantly demands their attention, energy, and emotions.
  • whose expectation for the family they thought they would have has been shattered by the reality of physically and emotionally draining episodes, doctor’s appointments, therapies, diets, and structured days dictated by an attempt to avoid as many issues as possible.
  • who wants to help their hurting child, but feels helpless to do so.
  • who aches at the negative effects their child has on their other children.
  • who feels judged by the looks of others when their child acts out or does something inappropriate.
  • who feels anger towards their child for the pain they cause, and then guilt for feeling such anger.
  • who wonders if they did something wrong or could have prevented the struggles they face.
  • who asks, “Why, Lord?”

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