I tend to do a double take every time I see a stroller. There are lots of baby joggers that have similarities to medical strollers and wheelchairs. Medical equipment is looking a little less medical lately, at least to me. So when something catches my eye, I am hopeful there is another parent out there just like me.

Often though, it’s just a regular ol’ stroller.

We are in a transition phase with our son right now. He’s three and a half and still small. His head especially is about the size of a nine month old. (That’s according to my very scientifically accurate measurement of seeing him next to a little girl at a play gym last week that just so happened to be nine months old.) He weighs about 24 pounds, and has for over the last year. He still easily fits in a stroller, sleeps in a crib, and plays with infant toys. It feels like we’ve been in the baby phase forever–and I like the baby phase–but I know some awkward changes are coming in the next year.  His favorite toys will likely not change, but he needs a new bed and a new ride (which means we need to use his wheelchair more than his stroller). Once we make the leap to new, more medical related options for him, it leads down a path once again very different from my peers. A path that I would not choose, but has been chosen for me.

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