This morning’s paper had this headline on the front page: “Many turn to Jesus for ‘hope, healing.’ Texas town worships en masse after 10 die at Santa Fe High School.” The article served up another couple of gut punches as I thought about the reality of parents burying children, friends waking up knowing they will never see a friend again, kids carrying the burden of trauma, and the families of perpetrators navigating confusion and horror. Never having been through any of this myself, it is unimaginable.

Still, this morning’s headline not only recounts the realities of the all-too-often horrors of life in this broken and hurting world, but it also points to the ultimate answer. It’s that tension we must live with in the now-but-not-yet Kingdom of God. God has come in human flesh with unimaginable grace to answer unimaginable and unbearable pain and heartache. In fact, He bears it. A couple of days ago, our friend Dr. Diane Langberg. . . who says that “trauma is the mission-field of the 21st century. . . tweeted this reminder: “Every kind of suffering or grieving that you find in any human being, Christ has carried.”

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