Do you have those classic questions that people have been asking you over and over again since your unique parenting journey began? You know the ones I mean. That same thing or two you’ve heard people inquire year after year after year?

I know that I have heard one relentless question since the day my son was first diagnosed with Hemophilia A – Severe 18 years ago — “Will he ever get better?”

Somehow I think people just want their own worst fears assuaged when they ask this question. They look at me and truly believe that I am living their nightmare. And in a fast-paced, I-deserve-justice world, there just HAS to be a cure, things just HAVE to get better.

When there’s no good answer

This is where our family has been most able to put the glory of God on display, despite being unable to give the world the answer it wants. No, our son hasn’t gotten better in 18 years. Even though researchers have been working on a cure for decades, there still isn’t one. But God IS good! Life is still good!

Life is hard

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