Remember when I sang that stinkin’ Hillsong United Oceans song about trust without borders, blah, blah, blah? Ugh. I’m telling you right now, think twice before singing these things. God takes this very seriously. My borders were expanded into the deep waters again this week. No, I didn’t get to share the love of Jesus beachside where only the other half goes on holiday (that’s how the other half says vacation, isn’t it?). I spent the week on a new floor of our hospital; a new floor and fancy wing. I was out of my special-needs comfort zone, if there is such a thing.

We have a favorite floor in our hospital. Our favorite nurses and favorite doctors are here. The patient care techs and custodians are like family on this floor. They hug us. Some of them pray for us. After the past year and a half of living in the hospital, it’s as close to home as a hospital can get. This visit wasn’t on that floor. It wasn’t like home at all. It was kind of a foreign land to us. New faces, some were wonderful and fought for us. Some, not so much. The TV was different, new ways to call for help, everything was different. No one hugged us or prayed for us. But that’s how visiting a new land with new borders goes, I guess?

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