Since we’re on the topic of eternity, let’s talk about the pile of paper work I have at all times on my desk! The only other visible picture I have of eternity besides my paper work is my laundry, but that is a topic for another day! Those of us who do the paperwork needed for our child (or parent) with special needs is quite aware of the hours it takes to oversee this responsibility. Unless one has done the paperwork needed for one with special needs, they’ll never appreciate the time, energy, and investment it takes or what it took to get the services needed that require record keeping. (We chose never to move from our county because of the paper work and time it would take to get our son cared for in the way he is presently.)

We are often heard to say, “In case I die,” or “when I die,” around our house. It’s not that we’re trying to be morbid; we’re trying to be realistic. We are in our mid 60s. While we still feel young in our mind, we notice there are things that don’t come quite as easily as they used to and we are mindful that one day one of us will be left alone. For that reason we have purposed over the course of our marriage to be sure we each know how to care for our personal finances, figure out where the insurances are, be mindful of our financial information and who to contact when the first of us passes into eternity. We each have primary areas of responsibility but have also been very exact at keeping records as well as the details of how to do reports, who to call, how to handle certain things, etc. Additionally, both of our daughters know where things are so that they would not be left scrambling in a situation that might take us both at the same time. Hard thoughts but hopefully this makes it a bit easier in a time of need.

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