A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away….not really, but I feel like that’s how all of my “before kids” stories should start. Prior to being a mommy, I was a meeting planner. Once for a large medical convention, I booked a New York Times bestselling author to speak to the group. Michael Lewis’ book The New New Thinghad just published. I have recently been reminded of that super catchy book title as I make my way through the special needs parenting journey.

I’m writing to you with 21 years of momhood in my rear view mirror.  My youngest, who was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder 18 years ago, came with a shocking and disheartening prognosis for his future.  But that, it turns out, isn’t the greatest challenge. The bigger issue is that we adjusted, acclimated, and became comfortable with our special guy. Then some years went by, and there was a new thing. So we adjusted, acclimated and grew cozy with the new thing. Only to be blindsided years later by the new, new thing.

I’m going to admit to you that I hate the new things. I am super great at status quo. Whatever my son’s issues, if I know them and know how to work with and around them, everything is ok.  But the new things always shake me out of my comfort zone. Recently I was telling a friend about our current season of flailing helplessly at a new new thing we can’t quite wrap our arms around.  I wondered aloud, “Why on Earth would God allow something new to slip into the mix?” And immediately this (partial) Scripture popped into my head:

See, I am doing a new thing! Isaiah 43:19(a)

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