The end of August means the beginning of school, a time of year I greeted with equal measures of excitement and dread as a teacher. So my original idea for this post was to shed some light on what teachers think and feel when a new school year rolls around. However, the Holy Spirit had something else in mind because when I sat down to write, the special needs family camp where I’ve served for a long weekend during the past three summers kept intruding on my thoughts.

I was proud enough to burst my buttons when several family members who previously attended as recipients of camp services return as volunteers. This development should be the ultimate goal of every special needs ministry—a shift from ministering to those with disabilities to equipping them for ministry so all eventually minister with one another. As thoughts of camp and thoughts of the new school year cozied up in my mind, a new idea formed.

What if parents who love Jesus would move from simply expecting services from educators to ministering with the educators serving their children?

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