Ever at the forefront of our mind’s as the parents of children with special needs is the Individualized Education Plan (IEP). Those three letters: I – E – P, conjure up a plethora of feelings within each of us: anxiety, anger, release, struggle, liberty, entitlement, law, obligation…

We are told by many people how to prepare for our IEP meetings, we are asked what is IN our IEP, we are encouraged to ENFORCE our IEP, we are told to RELAX about our IEP.

We have teachers who baulk at our IEPs and say they are impossible to follow because there are not enough funds, not enough people, and not enough time in the day.

But, while I was out walking the other day, I started thinking about another “document” (if you will) that many of us find difficult to follow, regardless of how important it is in our lives.

The Bible.

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