I am no fan of New Year’s resolutions, or lists of resolutions, or actually most lists, at least in blog form (my wife’s to do lists are of course sacred). I have never been someone to make a resolution or several resolutions and try to stick to them throughout the year, and therefore I have never been crazy about reading a list of them. However, this year I thought there may be some value in actually making a list of resolutions, somewhat for myself but also for the special-needs community at large, as I felt it on my heart to share some positive affirmations that may help to inspire and guide all of the parents out there. 

Before I get into these, allow me to provide some disclaimers, as I am not in the business of telling folks what they need to be doing or doing better, so believe me when I say that these are just guidelines, not anything that one must or must not do. Also, this list is meant to be taken apart by you, cut into pieces by you, and manipulated by you to fit your particular life and needs, as no one else can tell you about that. Lastly, if one or more of these really rings a bell for you, or on the flipside, pushes a button for you, please comment or message me, as I’d love your thoughts on my first try at doing something I generally don’t do.

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