Splinks for the week of February 9-15, 2020

Garbage In… Garbage Out

Invite the kids to make dinner with you. Instead of going to the pantry or refrigerator, ask one of them to grab the trashcan and start looking through it to find some food for dinner. When they seemed confused or grossed out, keep looking through the trash and continuing to think of ways to use it to make dinner. Then ask: Why shouldn’t we put garbage in our bodies? Pull out some good food from the fridge and start to make dinner with their help.

Just as we don’t want to put yucky garbage in our bodies, we should not put yucky stuff in our minds. What are some bad things we should not put in our minds? (It may be very enlightening to hear their ideas.) We must keep our minds pure and not allow wrong ideas and things that would cause us to think wrong things.

Read 1 Corinthians 6:19-20.

Who lives inside us? The Holy Spirit lives inside us so we need to be careful with the things we put into our mind. We need to remember that when we fail, we can always ask Him to forgive us (1 John 1:9).

Battle It Out

Make your own mini foosball game with a shoebox, dowel rods, clothespins, and a ping-pong ball. (You Tube has easy instructions.) When you pay together, talk about the need to guard against the ball going into your goal. In the same way, we guard our minds from wrong ideas. We protect against thoughts that would cause us to do or say bad things. We defend against ideas that are tricks of the devil to make us want to disagree with what God wants us to think. If we forget to guard our minds, we might allow sinful thinking to take root. Instead we focus on what is good, right, and pleasing to God.

Planting Seeds

Plant some seeds (that can later be transplanted into your garden or yard) to talk about how we need to put good things into our minds.

Some questions to ask:

Does it matter what kinds of seeds we planted?

What might happen if we planted weeds?

Jesus said the Word of God is like a seed. How is the Bible like a seed? (The Bible has everything in it to make you grow into a strong Christian. 1 Peter 2:2)

The Bible is God’s truth and contains all we need to grow to be more like Jesus. It can help us learn how to get to Heaven, to be a good friend, to forgive our enemies, and to grow in love and many other good qualities. If we want good things in our lives, we must put good things in our hearts and minds.

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