*The following is excerpted from an online article posted on Medical Daily.

Many parents have expressed concern about the growing impacts of COVID-19 on children. They said that the lockdowns and forced isolation to manage the disease have been negatively affecting the mental and emotional health of kids.

A new Gallup survey shows nearly 3 in 10 parents in the U.S. said their child experiences mental or emotional problems due to social distancing and closures related to the coronavirus pandemic. The company interviewed more than 1,200 parents from May 11 to 24, as reported by the Hill.

Many respondents found it difficult to consistently follow some restrictions or safety measures despite the threats of COVID-19. Fourteen percent of the parents admitted they could only follow social distancing for “a few more weeks” because of its emotional or mental impact on children.

Another 33 percent of parents said they will follow social distancing guidelines for “as long as is necessary” before their child experiences emotional or mental health problems. And 23 percent said they could follow for “a few more months.”

Source: Medical Daily

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