What We’re Learning: Flipped

Series Overview: Often, we live by a script: what our days should be like and how they should go. We wake up, brush our teeth, put on clean clothes and head to school. At school we have to behave a certain way to not get in trouble with our teachers or not be seen as a weirdo by our peers.

To flip the script means to do something unexpected or revolutionary that reverses what is usually expected. In this series we are going to look at how Jesus met three very different people and how in one moment He flipped the script in their lives and changed everything. And we are going to look at how Jesus can flip the script and change our lives in revolutionary and amazing ways.

The world says it’s all on you, tries to label you, and to convince you your life is all about running after your own fame. Jesus has freedom for us from all that. Jesus flips the script and says, “I got you,” you matter to me, and I’ve given you a higher purpose of running after me.

Week 3:

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